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Botika ng Bayan Program

What is Botika ng Bayan Program?

In 2004, the PITOPharma. Inc. (PPI). launched in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH) and the BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs), is currently implementing the Botika ng Bayan (BNB) Program. With the program, legally qualified privately-operated drug retail outlets nationwide comprise the distribution and sales network for very low priced, high quality drugs and medicines. The Botika ng Bayan (BNB) seal is the mark of guaranteed quality and affordable prices.

Botika ng Bayan (BNB), is not just making medicines more affordable, the program also creates more job opportunity to every filipino

Eligible Applicants

  • Corporate foundations and religious groups
  • Senior Citizens’ and women’s groups
  • Sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs) and cooperatives
  • Trade and labor unions, employees’ associations

Pre-Qualification Requirements

  • Valid government licenses, business permits.
  • Valid and current registration, either with the Cooperative Development Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission. Department of Labor and Employment, or any organization authorized and certified by a duly recognized agency.
  • Filled-out Application Form from PPI for the Accreditation of a Botika ng Bayan Outlet.
  • Minimum initial capital evidenced by a certification issued by an authorized Bank of a financial institution acceptable to PPI:
    • 1st class-5th class city/1st class municipality – P300,000
    • 6th class city/2nd-4th class municipality – P200,000
    • 5th-6th class municipality P100,000
  • Proposed location plan or vicinity map (floor area should be at least fifteen (15) sq. meters).
  • Capability to comply with the documentation, technical and other requirements of the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAO) in the filing of the application for a License to Operate (LTO) as a Drugstore, including the availability of the services of a licensed Pharmacist.

Application and Evaluation Process

1. Interested applicants shall fill up the Application Form for the Accreditation of a Botika ng Bayan Outlet which can be obtained from PPI.

2. Completed application forms, together with the Pro-Qualification Requirements, shaft be submitted in three (3) copies to the:

  • PITC Pharma, Inc. – Botika ng Bayan Secretariat G/F Orient Mansion Building 118 Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City Telephone Nos.: (632) 496.6945/092.2021, Telefax: (632) 892.1061/892.1647
  • The applicant shall also pay PITOPharma. Inc. the non-refundable accreditation fee of P2.000.00 for the first 2 years of operation, and renewable thereafter for another 2 years upon payment of non-refundable renewal fee of Php2.000.

3. PITOPharma. Inc.(PPI) shall verify the location plan/vicinity submitted by the applicant. There shall be no other BNB outlet within 300 meters away from an existing BNB accredited outlet Exceptions may be approved by PITOPharma. Inc. depending on the population or business potential of the area upon ocular inspection and evaluation. (This is to make sure that every BNB outlet becomes profitable to the Investor’s while making Botika ng Bayan medicines more accessible to all.)

4. Upon approval of the location, applicant must submit the required documents pertaining to their application within 45 working days; otherwise it will be forfeited in favor of an applicant with the same site/location who has submitted the required documents.

5. After validation/verification and due evaluation, the applicant shall be officially informed of the decision of the Accreditation Committee through a written notice sent by mail or fax. (PITOPharma. Inc.- PPI reserves the right to reject applications which fall to comply with the standards and guidelines of the program.)

6. PITOPharma. Inc.(PPI) will Issue an Endorsement Letter in the name of the qualified applicant and shall be submitted to the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), together with other requirements for the application for a License to Operate as a Drugstore. (In the case of Metro Manila outlets, PITOPharma. Inc.- PPI will endorse the application directly to the Head Office of the Bureau of Food and Drugs). Regional or provincial applicants shall submit the Endorsement Letter Issued by PPI, together with all required documents, to the Bureau of Food and Drugs Regional Offices where the proposed outlet Is located.

Applicants shall be responsible for following up, monitoring, or coordinating directly with Bureau of Food and Drugs during the evaluation period, end for complying with additional requirements which Bureau of Food and Drugs may require. PPI may, however, assist National Capital Region applicants in facilitating BFAD’s approval when necessary and if requested by applicant)

Bureau of Food and Drugs Requirements for Registration of Drug Retail Outlets (download):

  • Tentative list of Products using generic names and brand names, if any.
  • Floor area, not less than 15 square meters
  • Notarized Petition Form/Joint affidavit of undertaking duty accomplished.
  • Generic white labels and red labels. 6) Rubber stamp of outlets
  • Pharmacist board of Registration Certificate. PRC-ID, valid PTR, 2 pcs. 2×2 ID picture and Certificate of Attendance of owner/pharmacist to a BFAD sponsored/accredited Seminar on Licensing of Drug Establishments and Outlets.
  • If Solo Proprietorship, DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration.
  • Picture of drugstore with signboard.
  • Location Plan and Floor Plan with dimension.
  • If Corporation or Partnership, copy of Registration with SEC and Articles of Incorporation or Partnership
  • Contract of Lease for the space to be occupied, if the owner does not own it.
  • Fee for LTO (License to Operate) valid for 1 year – P1 ,000.



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